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Stephen Curry In Boot, Acie Law In, Jeremy Lin Down The Depth Chart

With Stephen Curry leaving the AT&T Center last night in a protective boot to secure that crumpling right ankle of his, the SF Chronicle (via Hoopsworld) notes that the Warriors plan on signing former first round pick Acie Law AGAIN to shore up their backup point guard situation.

Recently released by the Memphis Grizzlies, Acie Law finds his old job back at a Warriors reserve, a position he is somewhat familiar with in the five games he actually showed up in during the 09-10 season where he shot an amazing 64% from the field in limited minutes. He looked damn good in garbage time.

But with Law, a seasoned journeyman now who looks like he might be the next Randy Livingston at the rate that he’s shuffling through teams, Jeremy Lin’s reduced role will be even more reduced. As the SF Chronicle notes, the Warriors will likely release Jeff Adrien, especially with the return of Louis Amundson. With that said, the Warriors will probably see even less of Lin.

Does this mean a drop in ticket sales? And does this mean we won’t see him get blocked every time he drives hard to the bucket?

Law isn’t a huge upgrade, but he seems like a player that has just had limited opportunities. Known to have a nice stroke from deep in college, hopefully he can make the most of his opportunities AND more importantly hit some buckets with Curry out indefinitely.