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Warriors-Mavericks: Monta Ellis Very Particular About His Balls

Golden State of Mind post-game linkage from last night’s Warriors defeat to the Mavericks, 105-100, gives a glimpse of what locals writers are all collectively thinking about the Warriors being out of sync. There’s some interesting stuff in there (as there is always is from IQofaWarrior), but check out this quote from Monta Ellis (via

On tonight’s game:
“We played hard all 48 minutes. We just made careless mistakes at the wrong time. Just mistakes that were made trying to make the right play. I think this was our only game this season where we actually played 48 minutes. It was a tough battle, we knew what we were coming into and I think we played great. But, that said, we just made mistakes at the end to make it a burden on us.”

Clearly, they know that mistakes (and ensuing fast break points the other end) have hurt them. And it is true, the Warriors did play hard all 48 minutes. I mean, the starters (except Biedrins) each literally almost played the whole game. Dorell Wright played the most at 44.

But what seemed to stand out in IQofaWarrior’s linkage, to me at least, were some Tweets. Particularly how much Ellis cares about his balls. From Marcus Thompson II:

gswscribe: Monta shot an airball in practice. His response: “Change balls.” Yes, of course, they did swap out the ball.