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Mavericks 50, Warriors 48 - Stephen Curry 11 Points, Alexis Ajinca Looks Like Shaq, Monta Ellis Blunders

Louis Amundson makes his debut and the Warriors are hanging on!

Amundson hasn’t really done much since entering in the beginning of the second quarter but you can’t argue that his size and hustle has been much needed. Monta Ellis sat out a portion of the second and Curry led the offense (to 11 points), keeping the Warriors in the game with help from Dan Gadzuric. But Curry’s 4 are not a good look but credit the Maverick’s defense for forcing turnovers.

Alexis Ajinca singlehandedly kept the Mavericks second unit in the game with hustle plays of blocked shots and rebounding. Instead of being super raw, Ajinca, with the help of the Warriors, has looked like Shaquille O’Neal out there. Ajinca’s bricked put back dunks were ferocious and they looked good!

Dorell Wright has 10 points and is having a better shooting night than as of late (4-9). David Lee has 9 points but is shooting 4-11. His jumper has looked flat again and his post moves looked hurried.

When Monta checked back into the game with 2 minutes left, it seemed that the Warriors offense stalled. There was little ball movement and on one play, Monta seemed intent on getting his own shot, forcing up a heavily contested jumper that lead to a run out transition bucket.

Monta seems to be having another one of those games where he’s pressing and forcing his offense. And this has been the trend as of late where once Monta has been shut down offensive — Ajinca drawing an obvious charge foul leading leading to Monta’s second foul — it almost seems to drive him even more to want to score. Monta is a scorer, plain and simple. But at one point does Monta need to understand the game flow and what’s been working while he’s been out.