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Mavericks 27, Warriors 26 - Stephen Curry Leads Warriors, David Lee & Andris Biedrins On the Boards

For once in a long time, the Warriors have started fast, with a balanced attack from all starters. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the last minute that Keith Smart decided to substitute one of his starters. Had it not been for foul trouble, Stephen Curry most likely would not have come out.

The Warriors are hustling on the both end of the floor and are shooting a healthy 48% from the field and have surprisingly kept the Mavericks to 40%. But it’s not so much what the Warriors have done as much as it is the Mavs missing wide open jumpers with Caron Butler missing a slew of shots after going 4-4 to start the quarter. But the Warriors have been active on the rebounds with David Lee doing some dirty work inside on the offensive end along with Andris Biedrins, both combining for 8 boards.

Some other notable sights from the game? What’s up with Rick Carlisle’s ‘shaved head’ with the slight bald spot? And is it me or is Shawn Marion and Caron Butler both looking too swoll? Everything is bigger in Texas I guess.