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Thunder 54, Warriors 42 - Stephen Curry Goes Back In Time, Thunder Balanced Attack

Turnovers, which tend to be the Warriors problem, have been equal: Warriors 8, Thunder 7. Except the problem has been the Thunder’s ability to convert those turnovers into really nice highlight dunks. Point differential? 14-2.

Oddly, the point differential is coincidentially the same differential that the Thunder are currently leading the Warriors by.

The Warriors have shown more life in the second quarter and even without Monta Ellis have mildly been able to stay close even though at points being down by 20. With Ellis sitting out most of the second quarter with foul trouble and Lee shooting terribly 1-7, Curry has been the lone bright spot connecting 7-10 and 4-4 from the line for 17 points. Even more surprising has been the fact he’s limited his turnovers to 1.

Curry is in the zone and from the looks of it is channeling his inner Davidson. Does that means the Warriors will win? We’ll see. But with the Warriors struggles and Curry freewheeling without Ellis on the floor, it looks Nellie-ball might be what the Warriors need to stay afloat.

Another bright spot in the game? The Warriors are ALMOST shooting 40%.