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Warriors 17, Thunder 32 - At Least Russell Westbrook Only Has 4 Points

Except Kevin Durant has 9 and Westbrook has 6 assists, even though he is only shooting 1-3.

The game has taken a bad turn fast and the Warriors have fallen back on bad habits. Monta Ellis has 3 fouls and David Lee has 2. The Thunder are shooting 48% and the Warriors 30%. But at least the Warriors are winning the fouling war, 6-4.

Watching the Oklahoma City Thunder court is a little disturbing as the yellow on blue kind of reminds you of Warriors colors.

The Warriors made a small run towards the end of the quarter, pulling within 10 at one point.

Luckily, the Warriors are keeping up with the Thunder on the free throw category, 5-5 to the Thunder’s 7-7. Curry has been aggressive taking the ball to the hole. With the struggles that the Warriors are facing on the offensive end with Ellis and Lee both shooting terribly, Curry will need to take over Davidson-style circa 2008-2009 for the Warriors to have a chance.