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Hawks 9-2 Run To Begin Third Quarter Doom-ing Warriors, 78-69

For the second straight quarter, the Warriors found themselves down double digits after letting the Hawks go on another run early quarter run. This time, the Warriors let the Hawks burst out to a 9-2 run, which the Warriors were forced to battle from begin down double digits, again.

The Warriors managed to bring the game within 4 late in the third behind the scoring of Dorell Wright, currently leading the Warriors with 26 points. The next closest Warrior in scoring is Louis Amundson, who has 10 points on 5-7 shooting.

The Warriors are getting next to nothing from their ‘big three’ in David Lee (6 points), Monta Ellis (7), and Stephen Curry (7). They do amount for 6 of the Warriors 9 fouls though.

Al Horford leads the Hawks with 17 points and 13 rebounds. Josh Smith is nearing a double double with 14 points and 9 rebounds.

Surprisingly, the Warriors are not struggling from the 3 point line or the free throw line. Nor are they fouling at a ridiculous rate. The Warriors just need to begin getting some stops on the defensive end.