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Jeremy Lin Scores 10 In D-League Debut

Newly assigned Reno Big Horns d-leaguer Jeremy Lin made his debut yesterday against the Tulsa 66ers and scored a modest (for the d-league) 10 points.  Not bad for a guy that just joined the d-leaguers earlier that day. At least we know Lin is taking it seriously and not hitting up the North Star slopes for some R&R. Lin joins a relatively seasoned d-league team featuring the talents of his training camp competition in Aaron Miles, who looks like the Chris Paul right now averaging 17 points and nearly 10 assists a game. Patrick Ewing Jr. currently leads all Big Horns players with 19 points and 8 rebounds per game. 




But if Lin is really just down here for 2 weeks as he says he is, what do you think the coaches want him down here to develop? Shooting? Confidence? Making more stable gingerbread houses? Whatever it is, lets hope Lin makes the most of his time and makes more d-league highlight reels. Stay away from the bad buffets at Harrah's Casino!