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End of 3rd: Warriors Down 80-78 To Blazers, Interesting Stats

The Warriors are only down 2 and want to know what the key stat is? The Warriors only have 5 turnovers.

Yes, only 5 turnovers.

This is all while the Portland Trailblazers are outrebounding the Warriors 43-20. Imagine what this would be like had the Warriors limited the Blazers offensive rebounds by half. They have 19 offensive rebounds…

You do the math.

What’s more interesting? The Warriors are actually passing. They have 27 assists compared to the Blazers. Stephen Curry has 10 of those assists in less than 25 minutes. Too bad Curry needs some time to get his stroke back (2-11).

Monta Ellis leads the Warriors with 29 points. Elis went a bit cold in the third, making only 2 of 6 shots. David Lee is having a great night with 19 points on 7-10 shooting.