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What If Monta Ellis Wore Nike Instead Of AND 1?

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Monta Ellis just released his AND 1 ME8 Sovereigns, Christmas Editions that comes with it's own jingle, which I guarantee will not end up on your local Christmas Station:

Ellis Wonderland Red: In the lane, Monta's hittin'Draining 3s, Scoreboards glistin'It's a beautiful sight when he takes flightBallin' in an Ellis Wonderland (sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland").

But Marcus Thompson II Tweeted this morning, in response to a fan, that Michael Jordan once jocked Monta Ellis hard to represent Nike's Jordan Brand. Thompson says Ellis' decision was based on his desire to be "the big fish", but I think Ellis did it for the sake of taste. AND 1 Shoes just seem to have cleaner lines than the cluttered retro-mash-ups of previous Nikes. Clearly Jordan and his marketing team is trying to play on nostalgia, but the newer "Evolution 85" (and others) is the pedal equivalent of Frankenstein. Jus bizarre. Should Ellis stick with AND 1 or join the line-up superstars like Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade if given the chance?