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Vladimir Radmanovic Nets New Season High Of Fifteen Points

Golden State of Mind post-game linkage gives you all you need to know about the game from beginning to end. And today's thrilling victory jumpstarted by the unlikeliest of heroes, Vladimir Radmanovic, makes the win that much more bizarre. Scoring 13 of his 15 points in the 4th quarter, Radmanovic killed his previous season high by a whole 6 points!  Listen to hear what Radmanovic had to say about it:

As difficult as it is to listen to Vladimir Radmanovic, the man who once lied to his team about an injury he sustained snowboarding, there's some truth to what the man's been saying. When he addressed his team's play by talking about the leaders of the team's apathy towards practice, which Monta Ellis is quoted as brushing off by saying "forget it," I was on the Radmanovic train for a minute.  Of course, when Radmanovic has his mental errors that are always fodder for the boo-birds, myself included, it feels like the pot calling the kettle black. But when Radmanovic says that they need to always play like "they're down 20", if that's what it really takes for this team to play to their potential, I say do it! And I'm sure Radmanovic knows that that goes for him, too.