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Vladimir Radmanovic Buzzer Beater Three Caps Off Huge Fourth Quarter Comeback By Warriors To Beat Kings

It's very difficult to explain the series of events that led to the Golden State Warriors coming back from a double-digit deficit late in the 4th quarter to tie the Sacramento Kings to send it into overtime for the eventual victory. The Kings were up 94-78 with around 9:19 left before the Warriors came roaring back on an 18-4 run to cut the lead to two with 15 seconds left, which included Sacramento fouling a three point shooter TWICE on consecutive possessions.

With the Kings up 102-98 with eight seconds after Beno Udrih made some huge free throws, Reggie Williams made the foul shot, missed the second...and the ball bounced off Demarcus Cousins's hands and out of bounds. Warriors ball. With two seconds left, Sacramento unbelievably stacked the paint (Up three. UP THREE!) Vladimir Radmanovic was left WIDE OPEN on the perimeter, and stroked the three to send it to overtime. The Kings were pretty much the walking dead after that, losing 117-109.

I say roaring back, although it's hard to say Golden State really was doing that much to take it. Golden State made only four of eight free throws in the final minute (although one of them was an intentional miss). Sacramento was that bad.  Francisco Garcia took a long contested three pointer with 25 seconds left...with twelve to thirteen seconds left on the shot-clock. Cousins took some of the ugliest shots imaginable in one-on-one isolation situations, going zero for four down the stretch and turning over the ball twice. The Kings managed the incredible stat of eleven turnovers to one assist in the fourth quarter and overtime, with Tyreke Evans (four turnovers) and Beno Udrih (three turnovers) leading the way.

Still, there were some moments by the Warriors. Radmanovic had that three. Monta Ellis capped it off with an incredible drive, over-his-head layup in overtime to finish off the misery of the Kings. But it was pretty much Sacramento that did themselves in tonight. If it wasn't for the Miracle in the Meadowlands Part II, this would be the worst chokejob of the week.

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