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Suns @ Warriors - Golden State of Mind Tempers Expectations Tonight With Humor

Golden State of Mind writers and fans of the site always look at the brighter side of things even as their team seems to be reverting back to it's old defenseless and losing ways. No, this isn't some rant about why the Warriors have the best fans. But their realistic spin on awkward situations -- i.e. losing by blowouts -- always makes the Warriors piling losses bearable at the very least.

Case in point, tonight's gamethread is a place where all you Warrior fans should head to for a hilarious reminder of what being a Warriors fan is all about. In tonight's Golden State of Mind game thread, Fantasy Junkie does something proper by showing us great Amar'e Stoudemire moments of Golden State Warriors history where he literally made a name for d-league call-up Anthony Tolliver last season by posterizing him, a highlight that has since become one of the greatest highlights in NBA history. 

But here's what the GSoMers have to say about tonight's game:

From GSoM contributor, Fantasy Junkie:


Warriors by 7
Combined score of 250!
Andris Biedrins and David Lee collect double doubles
Stephen Curry scores 40
Steve Nash with 16 assists
Amare's line: 0 points, 0 rebounds


When asked by another GSoMer ROMESdavidWood37 what in the sports world lately is the most intriguing headline, here's what MYK had to say:

I was really hoping that the attendance in Cleveland would be like 7,000. More of a middle finger to LeBron and the NBA.
When you're in a bad break up, and you have an encounter with your ex, do you wanna come off as pissed, jealous, upset, show that it's still something that is bothering you?

Hell no! You wanna play it cool, a sort of "I just don't give a f***" attitude. Has a way more profound impact.

If I was a Cleveland fan, would be telling everyone I know to ignore LeBron.

He's been anticipating walking into that arena and getting the worst reception ever seen in North America. Portuguese wing Legend Luis Figo returned to Barcelona with Real Madrid. Had cell phones, and even a decapitated pigs head thrown at him..... hard to top that. But that rivalry is like no other in sports, not only is it an over 100 year old rivalry, it is an sociopolitcal and ethnic one as well.

Anyway, my point is that LeBron doesn't care whether you love him or hate him as long as your attention is on him.

That's why you gotta ignore him.

Clearly, the Warrior fans already know the stakes of tonights game. Lebron! 

Thank you GSoM for helping me stomach the Warriors seeming return to mediocrity.