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Monta Ellis Has Adonal Foyle Hands Tonight, Warriors Losing 74-65

Monta Ellis has been bad tonight. So has everyone else. I’m not just picking on him for the sake of it. But this particular play exemplifies the game thus far for ALL of the Warriors.

Ellis picked up his 6th turnover of the night losing the ball on a drive. Next time down? He jacks up a three pointer with over 18 seconds on the clock and instantly the Trailblazers head in the opposite direction and extend the lead back to 12.

Earlier in the quarter? Dorell Wright dribbled on a one-on-one fastbreak in what looked to be an easy bucket or at the very least two free throws. Instead, Wright’s attempt to spin away from Rudy Fernandez turned into a loose ball where Monta Ellis couldn’t secure the ball and instead tapped it to nearest Warrior in Acie Law, who couldn’t pick it up. The Trailblazers picked up the ball and went to the other end and Dante Cunningham made a jump shot.

The game has been filled with poor ball-handling and no offensive or defensive execution whatsoever. Ellis, in particular, has been stripped or bobbled the ball on multiple occasions. One particular turnover where he dribbled it off his knee though can be attributed to David Lee’s poor hand off which was dropped at Ellis’ ankles.

It’s a rough night but at least the Warriors have been able to get some pick and roll action between Ellis and David Lee. Lee is shooting 5-10 for 13 points and 9 boards.