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Monta Ellis Picked Clean On Last Play Of Half, Warriors Down 51-42 To Blazers

As Monta Ellis drained the clock from the top half court with 23 seconds left to play in the half, Andre Miller waited, seemingly knowing what exactly Ellis was going to do and when. With about 6 second left, Ellis made his move right and Miller picked him cleanly and easily, dashing the other way to extend the lead to 9, the biggest of the game so far.

Ellis is shooting 2-9 with 3 turnovers. But his offensive problems are not entirely his own. Dorell Wright is shooting a horrendous 2-8, but at least has been hustling on getting second chance points and playing great help defense.

But as Jim Barnett has mentioned (and quite obvious to any audience watching) is the Warriors lack of any ball movement. The players that should be scoring are not getting the ball in the right places. Case in point, on one particular possession, Acie Law played a two man game with Dan Gadzuric. In 24 seconds, Acie Law dribbled down the clock and seem to playing an indecisive pick and roll that ended up with Law stuck in the corner passing to a Gadzuric at the elbow shooting (and bricking) with the shot clock expiring. Why is Gadzuric shooting jumpers? At least we know why the Warriors are shooting 38%.

Dante Cunningham and Andre Miller are both shooting 5-6 from the field with 10 and 12 points respectively. Sean Marks, perennial 15th man, played a very efficient 8 minutes, not missing a shot (3-3) for 6 points.

On the Warriors end, turnovers on passing has hurt them as much as their lack of ball rotation. Or maybe they’re not passing because they’re afraid of turnovers? Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams lead the Warriors with 7. Every Warrior that has played has scored so far.