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Back To Normal: Free Throws And Poor Shooting Killing Warriors, Portland Trailblazers Up 21-18

Warriors are shooting 30% from the field and 50% from the charity stripe. What else is new?

On the bright side, if there is any being down 3 and shooting this poorly from everywhere on the court, is that the Warriors are drawing fouls and have shot 7 more freethrows than the Trailblazers. Problem is, the Warriors could be tied or winning if they were shooting as perfect as their opponents (1-1).

Louis Amundson and Dan Gadzuric have been active on the boards, especially with second chance tip-in opportunities. Only problem is that they can never seem to tip the ball in. The Warriors already have 5 offensive rebounds.

Also, will Dorell Wright stop trying to draw fouls instead of just trying to make the shot? Drawing fouls is great. But not when nobody is biting on your shot fakes. Especially, when you are not making any of your outside shots with regularity.