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Golden State Warrior Monta Ellis And Company Make A Great Team Off-Court

The collaboration between Monta Ellis, his foundation Monta Ellis 8, the Golden State Warriors, and Feed the Children -- with the financial backing from Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis -- delivered food for 800 families at Allen Temple in East Oakland. How much food does 800 families amount too? Two semi-trucks! That's a lot of food.


From, it looks like the event was a hit and a great opportunity for the Warriors to give back to the community. But anyone think its interesting that Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis decided to team up together? I mean, they took a great picture together, which is explained by as "Great teammates on the court, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry joined forces for a much greater cause on December 16th." PR Move or best friends for life? Can the way they pass boxes of food off-court become dimes and baskets on court?