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Golden State Warriors PG Jeremy Lin May Be In NBA D-League Soon

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As Jeremy Lin's minutes have dwindled as of late, the feel-good story of the NBA summer is finally over...for now, at least. CSN Bay Area Matt Steinmetz reports that Lin, most likely, will report to the Warriors' D-League affiliate, the Reno Bighorns, as soon as Stephen Curry returns. 


The honeymoon has clearly ended between fans and Lin as Lin's ability to cough up the ball on offense has been absolutely cringe-worthy. And having Acie Law put in some quality minutes without even knowing the playbook has shown what  quality back-up can bring, which Lin is not ready for.


But don't think of this as a demotion. Don't even think of it as punishment. And definitely do NOT think they're doing this 'because he's Asian.' The d-league (or even Europe) is a place for young guys to develop the skills necessary to play at this elite level, even if you're not playing against any elite players whatsoever. Lin isn't necessarily getting better on the bench, but facing former All-Americans and, at the very least, all-Conference first or seconds teamers (like Lin in college) in the d-league, will give him at least more quality competition than in college.