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Golden State Warriors PF David Lee In A "Hole" Lot of Pain

David Lee's staph infection from Wilson Chandler's bites definitely ranks up there as one of the weirder headlines of 2010. The mysterious laceration that swelled into the size of a softball that made his arm unbendable at one point (and still to some degree) seemed something out of a scene in "Walking Dead" (which seems like an apt description of the Warriors current losing streak).

But how bad is this thing? In an interview with Marcus Thomspon II, Lee said that there is literally a hole in his arm and they've been cleaning it regularly so it doesn't get infected. And it's still bleeding.  Wanna get a sense of what it looks like? Don't say you weren't warned.


(via Marcus Thompson II Twitter)

This is largely why Lee has been unable to hit his free throws (supposedly). 10-12 last night ain't too shabby, though. Here's what else Lee has been saying about it:

LEE: "It hurt really badly after (Tuesday's) game. It was a blood bath when I took my elbow pad and tape off. The wound itself really isn't improving too much because I'm continuing to play on it. But at this point, it's either that or sitting out. I'm not sitting out."

Anyone doubting Lee's toughness is crazy. His teammates need him more than ever and I don't think we've seen anything tougher than when Chris Hunter played through knee problems in the final game of last season versus the Portland Trailblazers. At least we know the Warriors haven't completely given up yet on this early season.