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Golden State Warriors PF David Lee Loves His Teammates Like Kids Love Cake

If you've watched Warriors games lately, you can tell that the losing is starting to show through their lack of high-fiving after great plays. Heck, people barely wanted to help Acie Law, who went sprawling the other night versus the Heat when he slammed straight into Lebron James. But the one constant has been David Lee, who when checking in or out of the game, still hugs his teammates. Or when his teammate Stephen Curry was pulled from the game by Coach Keith Smart for a ill-advised pass leading to a transition bucket, Lee was there, draping his arm over Curry's shoulder to tell him: "Don't worry about it." 

Though struggling, newcomer Lee has provided the hustle on the court. But all the chemistry building he's committed to, even as a newcomer, isn't even the icing on the "cake." Lee goes beyond what's expected and anyone would get all warm and fuzzy inside hearing what Lee is willing to do for his teammates.

Call it a bromance, but Lee delivered two custom-made cakes from Coldstone Creamery to his teammates AT the airport before departing on their road trip around the time of Thanksgiving. Here's what Smart had to say about it (via Marcus Thompson II):

"...I've been around our team for a long time and the NBA. The guy was not going on a road trip, but he brought two cakes for the team to (take) on the road. He lives in San Francisco. We flew out of Oakland. So he drove over to the airport to wish us well. That's a true teammate that our guys have in David Lee."

Lee didn't buy no ordinary Safeway cakes that look like they've been sitting there for days. He went above and beyond and got middlebrow gourmet cakes. Here's what Lee had to say about his cake giving (again via Marcus Thompson II):

"When there are tough times, it's tough to do that. So our chemistry hasn't taken a hit. But I wanted to make sure guys knew that I was still thinking about them and I am still a leader along with Monta on this team, and that I will be back soon. I just wanted to stop by and wish the guys good luck, more than anything. And I wanted to tell them I was going to do my best to make it here tonight to meet them on the road trip. That's why I did that, and that's why I'm going to continue to be a leader whether we lose every game from here on out or win every game from here on out. That's all that's important to me is winning. I told you that from the start of the year and its going to continue to be that way."

That's amazing to me. But I wonder what he'll come up with next if these losing streaks continue to happen...because that's going to be a lot of cakes.