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Warriors Down Big In Third, Heat Defensive Intensity Causing Turnovers

The 3rd quarter belonged to Lebron James, who at half-time clearly decided to stop playing games.

The Heat outscored the Warriors 36-20 and Lebron James has 25 points to go with his 9 assists and 7 rebounds. James chased down dunks and made 3 3-pointers in a row, preventing any Warrior runs from manifesting into anything substantial. As the Warriors cut the lead behind Reggie Williams brief scoring spree where he went face-to-face with Lebron at the height of the rim, Lebron hit 3 pointers at the right time.

But it wasn’t just Lebron’s scoring but his defensive intensity as with the rest of the Heat’s defensive intensity forced Warriors into bad three-point shots late in the shot-clock. Either that, or the Heat have been able to anticipate the Warriors passing lanes, rolling out 25 fast break points. The Warriors only have 7.

Dwyane Wade also has 25 points.