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Warriors 20, Heat 26 - Struggling To Defend The Paint, Reggie Williams and Dorell Wright Lead Warriors

After starting fast, the Warriors have gone cold from the perimeter. Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams led the Warriors early on with 6 and 7 points, respectively. Good ball movement and an active Reggie Williams have allowed the Warriors to keep it relatively close. The Warriosr shot 41% from the field.

Old habits are hard to kill as the Warriors have been unable to keep the Heat out of the paint. They already have 6 points in transition and no one on the Warriors seems able to get a board over Lebron James or Chris Bosh, which has led to easy second chance buckets from point blank.

But the most irritating of all bad habits has been the Warriors inability to secure rebounds that they tip to each other. In one specific incidence, Andris Biedrins and Wright both collided into each other for a rebound, which later slipped out to a wide open Lebron who tossed it to Arroyo for a wide open jumper. Arroyo is benefiting tonight with 4 points already. He’s average is 6.8 points a game. At this rate, he will have 16 points. My goodness…