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Stephen Curry With Assist Of The Night, Alley-Ooping It To Dorell Wright

The San Antonio Spurs had their way with the Golden State Warriors last night, but don't think Stephen Curry had anything to do with it. With Monta Ellis struggling, Curry sliced and diced the defense, working his way to 32 points and five assists. He won his individual matchup with Tony Parker (who managed only 12 points and six assists), but the Spurs ended up winning everything else so it hardly mattered. He even managed to take advantage of a switch with Tim Duncan on him, taking him outside, stepping back and nailing a three in the fourth quarter.

And on one of the few occasions where Golden State was able to run the ball at San Antonio, Curry took advantage, finding the cutting Wright and locking up the Assist of the Night.

Stephen Curry's Long Range Alley-Oop (via NBA)

Now if only he and Monta Ellis (only 12 points last night) could get on the same page, we might have had a ballgame here, but instead it was just more slow death for Warriors fans...