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Monta Ellis Injures Back, Doesn't Accompany Team To New York

Monta Ellis had a nasty fall at the end of the Golden State-Toronto game. Here’s the official statement from the Warriors.

Warriors guard Monta Ellis suffered a lower back injury during the 4th quarter of tonight’s 109-102 victory at Toronto. Ellis underwent x-rays on his lower back following the game and results will be available in the morning. He will remain in Toronto tonight as the team travels to New York.

The SF Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons speculated about his injury.

Ellis didn’t move for nearly two minutes after an awkward fall on a layup attempt with 1:12 remaining. Amir Johnson and DeMar DeRozan met Ellis at the rim, sending him to the floor off balance.

It appeared as though he hyperextended his leg, causing a whiplash effect to his back.

Ellis stayed in Toronto for further evaluation while the rest of the team flew to New York. The Warriors said they’ll release the results of his X-rays today.

UPDATE: Coach Keith Smart said they wouldn't know the extent of the injury until tomorrow.