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Golden State Of Mind: Link Dump Of Warriors 97, Pistons 102

Golden State of Mind is quick with it as always with IQofaWarrior already updating his links for tonight’s close loss to the, possibly, surging Detroit PIstons. Click on the hyperlink for constant updating of new sources from local bay area sports writers on tonights game.

Luckily the Warriors don’t seem to bothered, publicly at least, about their loss. David Lee provides some perspective (via recap).

On Getting Balance On Offense:
“That will come with the passing game. Luckily we are struggling a little bit with our offense game, myself included, but we are still 4-2 right now. It would be real easy to struggle like this and be behind the eight ball, but instead we are way ahead of the game. We need to forget this one and go into Toronto and get a victory.”

The Warriors are still figuring things out as a team and to some extent it’s true that the they need more time together on the road given how injuries went during the preseason. But this seemed like a game that the Warriors should have won.