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Detroit Pistons 49 - Golden State Warriors 45: Ws Hang Close In Spite Of Poor Shooting

The Golden State Warriors have shot below 40% throughout the first half, but equally poor shooting by the Pistons has kept the Warriors in this game, trailing 49-45 at halftime. It should have been much closer, or even tied, if not for a tough sequence to end the half.

Rodney Stuckey drove into the lane with the half about to run out on the half and dished the ball to Greg Monroe. Monroe went up for the shot and scored while getting fouled. Monroe then missed his free throw but Tayshaun Prince grabbed the rebound and scored a layup as time expired. The quasi four point play put the Pistons up 49-45 to end the half.

The Warriors have struggled shooting but are hanging close thanks to some timely baskets. Dorell Wright struggled after a strong first quarter, but Stephen Curry got on the board, along with Vladimir Radmanovich and Rodney Carney.

The Warriors defense has had its moments but has struggled at times as the Pistons have received strong contributions throughout their lineup. Charlie Villanueva leads the team with 11 points, but Richard Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey each contributed 9 points as well.