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Detroit Piston 27 - Golden State Warriors 26: Warriors Hanging Close In Spite Of Bad Shooting

The Golden State Warriors kicked off their first road trip of the season with a fairly ugly first quarter, but find themselves trailing by only one point, 27-26, at the first media timeout of the second quarter. The Warriors have shot 11-for-30 and are 0-fer from three point range. Of course, Detroit hasn’t been much better as they are shooting 11-for-27 and also are scoreless from three point range.

Defense has been the big mantra for the Warriors but I’d imagine this game has been as much about bad shooting as defense thus far. Our Warriors contributor Brian Chung is in attendance at the game and will have plenty to say, but on tv it’s not pretty.

Dorell Wright has been the leading scorer for the Warriors thus far with eight points while filling up the box score with three rebounds, two assists and a steal. Monta Ellis has six points with a couple of particularly sweet shots while Andres Biedrins is dominating on the boards with eight rebounds so far. Stephen Curry is struggling thus far, shooting 0-for-4 with zero points. The Warriors have to hope he gets it going as he continues his recovery from the ankle injury earlier this season.