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At the Half: Ellis Buzzer Beater Over D.Will Gives Warriors First Lead

With Nellie-ball out, Coach Keith Smart’s new defensive attitude has shown the Warriors winning the hard way: ugly.

With the exception of the last 4 minutes of the half, the Warriors’ display of offensive inefficiency might have been a first. Tons of clanking open and contested jumpers, blocked shots, and poor touch within 5 feet of the hoop plagued the Warriors ability to develop any sense of rhythm.

You can blame this on the Jazz’s stifling defense which Andrei Kirilenko and Al Jefferson clogged the paint enough taking away typically easy layups. The Jazz didn’t shoot any better necessarily as the Warriors found ways to disrupt their shots as well as well as disrupting their offensive by getting in the passing lanes. On top of that, the Warriors second chance opportunities have allowed them to control the tempo in spite of having no tempo of their own, so to speak. The Warriors have 14 offensive rebounds to the Jazz 4 and Andris Biedrins has 11 rebounds already.

Deron Williams, however, has put the team on his back with 12 points.

Dorell Wright also showed some nice offensive moves, not relying on a 3 point shot. When the Jazz have overplayed the 3 point shot, Wright has countered by hestitation moves to the hoop. Curry picked it up in the second half the of the second quarter with 9 points.