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Golden State Of Mind Epic Link Dump - Videos, Interviews, And More

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IQofaWarrior over at Golden State of Mind compiles what I believe to be the most epic link dumps after every game. Compiling various news sources with official NBA video and Comcast Sports Bay Area post-game footage, there really is no other reason to waste time on the internet reading about a game, unless you’re coming here of course. And they have plenty of reading about last night’s game.

One of the articles that seems to stand out is San Francisco Chronicle writer Rusty Simmons piece titled “David Lee adjusts offensive approach with Warriors,” which Simmons quotes Lee as learning what his role as he has moved down from 1st to 4th option.

But is this the best way to handle your top paid player? Though Monta clearly shows that he is acting leader of this team — and you can believe it by the way he destroyed the Grizzlies attempted runs in the 4th — are the Warriors not tapping into Lee’s strengths completely?

“We have a great scorer in Monta, who we go to a lot early in games,” said Lee, who was one of three NBA players to average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game last season. “That’s a change from what I’m used to, but he’s a great scorer. I’m going to have to find my points in other places and find a way to be effective in other places.”

That’s quite an adjustment for Lee, who was always the first and often the only scoring option in New York last season.

“My job is to go get 15 rebounds and we’ll see how the scoring works out,” Lee said. “I’ll figure it out, but I think you can expect me to have more than zero points a night as we go forward.”

Lee seemed overly anxious at different points of the game, rushing shots and putbacks, which inflated his offensive rebounding stats a bit. There were a few nice moves on the blocks where he finished with either hand. But from the looks of it, Lee was pressing on various occasions. Will his lack of touches in one-on-one situations become an issue in the coming future?