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Warriors 44, Spurs 53: Free Throws Matter, Surprisingly

I’m not that foolish, really.

But I’m pointing to the fact that the Spurs have made 14 free throws compared to the Warriors 1. The fouling industry known as the Warriors continues to allow the Spurs to live at the line. Whether it’s fouling 3-point shots or giving up and-1s, the Warriors can’t stop giving this game away with free throws.

Ginobili alone had 8 free throw attempts in the first half.

As usual, the Warriors have been called for 10 fouls versus the Spurs 5.

Part of the problem so far this game has been the Warriors inability to draw fouls on the offensive end, choosing instead to launch jumpers than try to take it to the hole and draw contact. On the opposite end, we see Spurs getting deep into the paint, drawing ticky tack fouls from Warrior defenders.

As the common case is on the Warriors end, Spurs defense is just too disciplined to get nailed with a blocking foul deep in the semi-circle area (Stephen Curry 2x) or for reaching (see Dan Gadzuric).

Defensive woes continue to haunt the Warriors and free throws are probably single-handedly taking them out of the game. Otherwise, the Warriors have had some decent possessions and have found ways to get better looks from the perimeter.

Ellis continues to struggle from the field at 4-12. But if Ellis is having a bad game, the Warriors have to find a way to minimize mistakes, and in this case it means not putting the Spurs on the line when you really shouldn’t be.