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Warriors Self-Destructing In The Third, Grizzlies 16-3 Run

After pulling ahead 18 points, the Warriors have struggle to score during a short stretch in the third quarter where the Grizzlies trimmed the lead rather quickly.

Poor shot selection (reliance on three point shots and off-balanced contested shots), poor ball-handling, and sloppy passing allowed for easy transition buckets on the other end for the Grizzlies. The Warriors are really handing over the game to the Grizzlies at this juncture in the third where Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo are terrorizing them on the break.

The Warriors are having lapses in focus and clearly shows a team that might have gotten a little ahead of itself. They are clearly able to beat the Grizzlies, coming off a back-to-back, but are going to need to play a full 4 quarters first.