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Rodney Carney Has Proved Me Wrong

So I wrote earlier that I found Rodney Carney to be a no-dimensional player based on 7 minutes of garbage time ball versus the Lakers.

So far in this game, he has shut me up.

After a rough start to the game offensively at least, Carney rattled off 7 straight points in the second half to put the Warriors up 50-40. The Warriors are currently up 64-52 at the half.

At the half, the Warriors are controlling the tempo, pulling away any time the Grizzlies inch closer to tying the game. In the first quarter where both teams continually traded baskets to re-tie the game up, the Grizzlies bigs packed the paint, preventing David Lee and Dre Biedrins any easy buckets in the paint or second chance points for that matter. The Warriors shot poorly, too, in the first half (41%), but luckily their defense (5 steals, 5 blocks) has been solid to make up for it.

In the second quarter, Dorell Wright came to life a bit, hitting several threes and open jumpers. At 4-6 from downtown tonight, you can’t really complain about his efficiency and shot selection. If you’re hot, you’re hot!

But, I’m still waiting to see this expanded game of his as well.

Jeremy Lin, described by Coach Keith Smart as possibly getting more minutes as Stephen Curry recovers, has yet to make his appearance tonight.