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Brandan Wright Out Tonight

Not a major injury update. But anytime Brandan Wright is out, you wonder if this is going to be long term.

Well, Brandan Wright is inactive tonight and this probably couldn’t have worse time after not getting the extension from the Warriors — probably related to his long injury history and non-factor since they drafted him in 2007.

Luckily, looks like he just ate something bad:

Rusty_SFChron Rusty Simmons: Brandan Wright is inactive tonight with the stomach flu.

As I just mentioned, you wonder if anytime Wright is out whether it’s going to be long-term or not. Freak accidents with his shoulder on routine plays become season-ending injuries. Will this stomach flu become something even worse, perhaps bedridden for weeks drinking chicken broth and “eating” sugar-free, artificially flavored popsicles? And if that were to happen, think of how much weight he might lose during that time and what might happen to that rebuilt body to protect those previously broken wings of his. I am clearly using hyperbole as a rhetorical device here.

The Warriors could definitely have used him tonight against the Grizzlies bigs. If anything those 6 fouls could have come in handy. But c’mon, its just stomach flu! Show some heart! Chug down the gatorade during timeouts! Your team needs you!