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Warriors 24, Grizzlies 30 - Both Teams Have Lots To Be Thankful For, Warriors Still Fouling But Rebounding

The Warriors and the Grizzlies must be excited to play each other. For one thing, both teams definitely do not execute their offenses very well and both teams have porous transition defense. Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins have already been called for travels. And Biedrins clearly doesn’t have the Lee’s touch around the basket when it comes to tip ins. Rebound tips, however, are Biedrins speciality as he already have 5, one offensive.

The Warriors are shooting decently at 48%. The only problem is the Grizzlies are shooting 60%. On the foul front, the Grizzlies have zero fouls after one quarter and the Warriors already have committed four.

The first 5 minutes were horrendous as the Grizzlies jumped out to a 13 point lead at one point as the Warriors failed to box out or defend perimeter jumpers. Marc Gasol looks like he might be a possibly Warrior killer tonight as his ability to extend his game to the perimeter and hit jumper will definitely expose the paint.