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Jeremy Lin Is An Animal

With the boost in Jeremy Lin's playing time, we've seen how Lin goes hard all the time. Sacrificing his body with seemingly reckless drives to the hoop, he sometimes makes Dwyane Wade look mild in comparison. Lin is an ANIMAL!

The 110% that Lin seems to give on the defensive end is no small feat, especially for someone that a lot of critics have said lacks the build and ideal gifts to keep up in this league. As a rookie, Lin is learning and developing what it takes to be solid if not great player in the league. But part of that is making sure he takes care of his nutrition so he can play at this high level, consistently, against the league's best. See the kind of eating regiment that Lin and his body demands night in night out

Lin is beast, a straight ANIMAL.  By Animal, I mean "Animal Style" at In-N-Out Burgers.