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Warriors 25, Rockets 36 - Chuck Hayes Dominating, Hustle Not Height Warriors Problem

In similar fashion to previous first quarter meltdowns, this one is no different. Maybe the Warriors minds are on turkey, stuffing, and gravy, because the Rockets are lights out as the Warriors defense struggles to rotate on the perimeter. This too looks to be an issue of their big men unable to defend the post on their own as Warrior double teams and poor rotation has meant wide open Rockets players like Kevin Martin (2 already) to nail 3 pointers. The Rockets are shooting 57% from the field.

Also, the Warriors have reverted to fouling as bad or no rebounding position has put the Rockets on the line. If you notice, Chuck Hayes is 7-7 from the line, many of those trips a result of poor boxing out efforts which Warriors have been forced to foul Hayes before throwing it down point blank. Dan Gadzuric had 3 fouls in 5 minutes, Vladimir Radmanovic also has 3 fouls. As usual, the Warriors are doubling the Rockets in fouls, 10-5. Chuck Hayes already has 11 points and worth noting is that he is only 6 foot 5 inches. Warriors players are taller and meatier (Jeff Adrien), but struggling to get a body on anyone. Where’s the hustle?

This looks like it’s going to be a long game if the Warriors can’t put together any defensive effort.