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Andris Biedrins: "No Business, More Pleasure"

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After putting his team on blast over the summer, Warriors starting center Andris Biedrins seems to be singing (or joking) to a different tune. The Latvian seems to be have a new outlook on life, which seems to be captured by the random things popping out of his mouth week-to-week. Whether he's talking about his new hair cut, his new teammate David Lee, or his newly constructed ab muscles, Biedrins seems to have something hilarious or just random to say about anything. Besides Michael Pietrus' random post-game interviews, Biedrins might be the Warriors' funniest player ever.

On "retiring" his nickname "Goose" and how that changed his hair:

"If you call me, call me Dre. No longer Goose, that's retired. They put the jersey up (motions to the rafters of the training facility) spikes no goose. New chapter."

On playing with David Lee

"That's really weird because I don't like him, but on the floor we get along really well. ... They try to make us bond with each other, but it's not working. But on the floor, you know, you forget those things and just work as a team."

On missing David Lee

"I didn't even notice he was missing," center Andris Biedrins tried to joke. "No, we really miss that guy. It's really, really bad."

On his offseason workout regime with Lakers athletic performance coordinator Alex McKechnie

Asked if the Lakers-Warriors rivalry in the Pacific Division was brought up during his visit, Biedrins laughed.

"No," he said with the smile of a healthy man on his face. "There was no business. Everything was more pleasure."