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Halftime: Lakers 69, Warriors 41 - Numbers Don't Lie

The Lakers have 22 fast break points to the Warriors 2. The Warriors have 10 turnovers, which have translated into 11 points for the Lakers. For some reason, I feel like it is more than this.

Pau Gasol is a perfect 8-8 from the field for 20 points. A bulk of them coming in transition, easy alley-oop dunks as he slid behind Warrior defenders over and over again. The Lakers continue to shoot a scintillating 66% from the field but we can’t give them too much credit given how poorly the Warriors have played defense.

The Laker bench has destroyed the Warriors first team with Shannon Brown shooting a near perfect 5-7 from the field. The Lakers ball rotation and drive and kicks have continuously confused the Warriors as they have packed the paint only to leave Derek Fisher, Steve Blake, and Matt Barnes open for open 3 point looks.

The Warriors have been unable to defend the perimeter and have struggled on the boards. Coach Keith Smart has resorted to emptying his bench in search for answers in the paint, subbing in Jeff Adrien early in the first quarter and getting extended minutes in the second.

Many of the Warriors shots have also been contested as the Lakers active hands have allowed them to get a lot of steals, 7. On several occasions, players like Ron Artest and Derek Fisher have been able to deflect passes or poke the ball away from shooters. This inability to establish any rhythm clearly shows as the Warriors have taken rushed shots, shooting a horrendous 36% from the field.