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Monta Ellis Crosses Free Throw Line On One Step, Then Posterizes Ronny Turiaf

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The Golden State Warriors might have lost to the Knicks last night,
but Monta Ellis is an unstoppable offensive machine. The man is unleashed and he refuses to reenter his cage. Ellis scored 40 points on 17 of 30 shooting and four triples; yes it's the Knicks, the team that just gave up the first 30-30 performance in nearly three decades, but those numbers are still mighty impressive against any opponent of that caliber. 

Of course, what got the Internets buzzing is Monta's desire to do his best Julius Erving impersonation. Although Ellis doesn't quite have the vertical leap of a Dr. J, he only needed one extra step to get that high to the rim. Video after the jump.

(via thehoopscene)

First Raymond Felton shaded him left instead of funneling him into the double-team from Wilson Chandler on the perimeter, giving Ellis a wide angle at the hoop. And then he takes off  in flight to the basket. Turiaf didn't have a chance. Thanks to the reliably poor Knicks defense for this precious moment from an otherwise frustrating loss for the Warriors.