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Second Quarter: Warriors 59, Knicks 72 - Knicks Winning At The Line

With 38 seconds left in the second, the Warriors made their first free throw. The Knicks on the other hand made 16-18 free throws. The foul disparity is 13-6, which could say a lot about how this game is being officiated. This isn’t saying that the Warriors deserve home court advantage, considering how poorly Reggie Williams is playing on both ends of the floor — getting beat on defense multiple times.

If it wasn’t for Monta Ellis’ 24 points, the Warriors would be a much bigger hole.

The Knicks are nearly unstoppable from 3 point land (43%) and just about every where else on the court. The game started off as what looked to be a shootout between Raymond Felton, 17 points, and Ellis. Felton seemed to be taking it straight to Curry, who slowly picked it up in the second quarter, getting all 9 points in that period.

Former Stanford Cardinal Landry Fields is having another efficient night with 9 points and 8 rebounds. He is currently shooting 58% from the field for the season.

With or without Warriors hands in their faces, the Knicks have been able to make just about any shot. Typical of this would be Wilson Chandler driving on 3 Warriors, hanging and still kissing it off the glass beyond the outstretched arms of Andris Biedrins. The Warriors defense intensity needs to pick up if they expect to disrupt the Knicks current momentum.

On the rebounding front, life without David Lee has been brutal as the Knicks are outrebounding the Warriors 25-18.