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Warriors-Pistons: Jeremy Lin Active Hands In The Third Quarter + Warriors 11-0 Foul Disparity

Rodney Stuckey might overpower Steph Curry, but Jeremy Lin seems big enough to stop him. In 4 minutes left in the third, Jeremy Lin got to sub in for Steph Curry, sitting out with four fouls. Within the first minute, Lin had a block on Rodney Stuckey who tried to back him down for a fadeaway. In a few possession later, Lin, with 5 seconds on the shot clock, crossed over his man for a two handed floater in the lane over the outstretched hands of Tayshaun Prince.

Lin’s defense, in these few minutes, was tremendous as he broke up a 3-2 fastbreak, anticipating the pass to the wing heading in the opposite direction which led to an easy Dorell Wright floater. Lin has looked good and, surprisingly, the crowd (through the TV) cheering isn’t overwhelming.

Also, the disparity in fouls during the third was 11-0 at one point, favoring the Pistons.