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Warriors-Pistons: Up 20, But Self-Destruction Imminent

As always, the Warriors are looking great in the third quarter. Except the Warriors are shooting themselves in the foot, again. Charging fouls seem to be part of Keith Smart’s Flex Offense as are moving screens. Fouling jump shooters is also part of the regular defensive scheme. The Warriors are fouling at reckless abandon in the third quarter as both Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis both have four fouls.

Dorell Wright also fouled a wide open Richard Hamilton on the wing. On the Pistons’ possession prior, after the Warriors secured a 23 point lead, Tayshaun Prince faked Dorell Wright, though Wright looked like he was cheating, and then nailed a 3 pointer.

The Warriors don’t look good right now and prepare yourself for a meltdown. Hopefully they will prove us wrong.