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Warriors 51, Bucks 66 - Stephen Curry Frustrating Monta Ellis

On two occasions in the third quarter, Curry was called for fouls that seemed questionable. On the first, Curry, on defense, was caught briefly in the air by a pump fake, which John Salmon’s jumped into. After getting called for the foul, Monta Ellis expressed his frustration bodily, throwing his arms out.

A few possessions later, Curry was called for a charge on a Andrew Bogut, who did not seem to have planted his feet, as he was passing to a wide open Vladimir Radmanovic. Curry has 4 fouls.

This captures the type of play that the Warriors have been producing … or rather not producing against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks have done their homework preventing the Warriors from getting any buckets in the paint. Even shots in the perimeter have been contested. Ellis, Curry, and Reggie Williams have all been met by double and triple teams. In spite of Monta Ells’ 5 turnovers, he has been the lone bright spot, scoring 24 points on 8-14 shooting.

The Warriors have shown more life in the third quarter, but have been unable to stop the Bucks from open jumpers from the perimeter. The Bucks are shooting a torrid 47% from 3pt territory.

Jeff Adrien got in the game, with a nice block. Unfortunately, no one was there to box out Drew Gooden, who threw it down for a ferocious dunk.