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Warriors 30, Bucks 43: Porous Defense and No Offensive Execution Hurting Warriors Bad

There’s no other way to put it besides this: the Warriors are playing bad. Really bad. I mean, ugly. With the Bucks packing the paint, taking away Monta Ellis’ and Stephen Curry’s bread and butter, the Warriors have had to rely on outside shooting, which they’ve seemed to have lost in the last two games.

Driving into traffic, quick shots early in the shot clock, little to no ball movement, matador defense and inability to rebound has made this one ugly game for the Warriors. Stephen Curry is having quite possibly the worse game of his career as he has taken 10 shots, making only 2. Throughout the first two quarters, Brandon Jennings flanked Curry, not giving him easy looks. But even Curry has missed a few floaters that has become his calling card in addition to taking early in the shot clock.

Monta Ellis leads the Warriors with 14 points on 5-9 shooting but the Warriors team is collectively shooting 28%. Curry isn’t the only one to blame for the poor start. Dorell Wright is a putrid 1-7,  missing off back iron on various occasions. Rodney Carney has taken a few hurried and contested shots (1-4 from the field).  This captures the first half perfectly.

The Bucks, however, aren’t playing great but obviously enough to lead the Warriors by 13. If anything the Bucks could probably be up by at least 20 had they not missed point blank, uncontested layups in transition. But even without these shots, the Bucks ball movement has confused the Warriors defense. Part of this is that the Bucks have been able to control the boards with 10 more rebounds. The Bucks have size, but the Warriors just don’t look like they’re getting position. They could use David Lee…or they need to channel the will of Kevin Love to just grab everything in their sight.

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