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David Lee Could Be Out Two Weeks With Infected Elbow

Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports with the original update. Marcus Thompson goes into further detail.

After cracking the teeth of New York Knicks forward Wilson Chandler with the inside of his left elbow, Lee’s health has gone down hill. He wrapped the gash with tape, three times over, and that didn’t stop the bleeding. He went to the emergency room the next morning and was pumped with antibiotics. Still, his left elbow was super swollen and discolored. He couldn’t even straighten it out.

This leaves Golden State very thin on the front line. Andris Biedrins isn’t likely to be able to keep opposing frontcourts off the glass on his own. Brandon Wright, while he has recovered nicely, isn’t really well-equipped to be a starting power forward, and Vladimir Radmanovic can only be reliably trusted with 20-25 minutes if the Warriors have a 20-25 point lead. Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis will probably have to keep on scoring to pace Golden State.

It’s safe to say the Warriors will be very thankful when Thanksgiving comes calling.