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Warriors-Bulls NBA Score Update: Golden State Unable To Stem The Tide, Trails 94-63 After Third Quarter

The Golden State Warriors entered the second half looking for some kind of run to make this game competitive, and instead find themselves trailing by 31, as Chicago extended their lead to 94-63. The only reason it’s not worse is because Stephen Curry hit a three at the buzzer.

After dominant first halves by Luol Deng and Derrick Rose, the Bulls spent the third quarter spreading the wealth and getting strong contributions from the rest of the starting lineup. They’ve dominated the Warriors in just about every category, with the real difference coming from the 29 points off 17 Warriors turnovers.

At this point, one would imagine the Warriors would look to rest some of their starters and get the bench more involved. The young starters certainly aren’t breaking down but there’s little value in having them out there with the possibility of injury always looming. Injuries are always a concern, but when you’re down 30+ points, any injuries at that point would just be stupid.