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Turnovers A Plenty As Golden State Warriors Hold Onto Four Point Lead At The Half

The Knicks and the Warriors production in the second quarter made their coaches cringe. The offense ran the gamut from being amazing efficient with high percentage buckets in the paint to repeated turnovers. The Knicks have 8 and the Warriors have 11.

Wilson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire lead the Knicks with 14 and 16 points respectively. Stoudemire repeatedly went at Vladimir Radmanovic, drawing 3 fouls in 5 minutes.

On the Warriors end, Curry developed a rhythm in the second quarter scoring on transition buckets to finish the half with 10. David Lee, talked off finally feeling more comfortable in the offense, has 14 points with 3 thunderous dunks in the first quarter.

It was definitely a surprise to see Jeremy Lin get off the quarter, albeit very briefly to spell Stephen Curry. In very limited minutes, he tapped the ball away leading to a steal, which Brandan Wright was the beneficiary with a two-handed dunk in transition.

Lastly, Brandan Wright, again, was the second man off the bench, playing very effectively with 7 points in 8 minutes. The Warriors seem intent on getting Wright touches early on with easy buckets in transition or through drive and dump passes for dunks. Wright bobbled a pass a foot out from the hoop for what could have been an easy dunk. But any production from Wright this early on is a good sign.