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David Lee Gettin' Love But Not Showing Love

In an up and down 1st quarter with the Knicks showing a lot more energy than the Warriors, battling back from a 7 point disparity, it seems like Lee is getting a warm welcome back and putting on a decent show for the fans.

Marcus Thompson Tweets:

gswscribe Marcus Thompson
Video followed by standing O for Lee, who emerged from huddle and waives to the crowd. At least he didn’t lie and say he didn’t notice

And then later..

Lee dunked on Mozgov and screamed as he backpedaled down court. Just got an and-one on Mozgov and said "Can’t f—-in’ guard me."

And from Rusty Simmons:

Rusty_SFChron Rusty Simmons
DLee dunks off an inbounds pass. That’s three dunks tonight, doubling his season’s total.

Lee looks like the jealous ex that’s trying to show the former boyfriend what they’re missing. As much as I love the intensity, screaming in Mozgov’s face twice in the first quarter is a little bizarre. Mosgov ain't getting love. I want to see him scream in someone’s face that actually plays well, Amar’e perhaps? But I guess it’s no different than Kevin Garnett picking on scrubs.