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Golden State Warriors PF, David Lee, Eats Like My Dad

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Every morning, my dad makes himself a latte with his espresso machine and then spreads some peanut butter on his bagel in order to settle down into his daily routine of reading the sports news.


The thought of spreading peanut butter onto a bagel seemed bizarre to me. My immigrant father has been known to juxtapose random foods together into culinary genius; the time he decided to put hot dog slices into fried rice was tastier than it was cheap-sounding.


Turns out, David Lee, who people thought might have been Asian based on his name alone, may have the eating habits of an Asian dad. Apparently, Lee enjoys a peanut butter bagel before every game and is starting a trend among his fellow big men in Dan Gadzuric and Vladimir Radmanovic. While peanut butter might be newcomer Lee's contribution to the usual spread of fruit, energy bars, and candy, what will Jeremy Lin's contribution be? Chipotle Burrito Bowls, his favorite?