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Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, and David Lee Are Things Golden State of Mind Want To Pay Attention To

From Golden State of Mind’s preview of tonights game:

3 Things I’m Excited About For Tonight’s Game

1) Stephen Curry
What a monster 2nd half Curry had. In my optimistic view of things, he’s going to get better. Heck, if he plays like he did in that 2nd half of the year for the rest of his career, he’ll have a damn good career. But he’s going to get better than that. And he better be a Warriors for a long, long time. Who’s more important Buster Posey or Stephen Curry? See, baseball on the brain.

2) David Lee
A guy who can score AND rebound? Whoa. He still doesn’t play defense, which would have made him the holy trinity. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad especially when we swapped him for some bench guys. Yea that’s right, Anthony Randolph = bench player. It’s easy to be optimistic about your own players and easy to be pessimistic about everyone else.

3) Blake Griffin
Non-Warriors excitement but still excited to see how this guy does. He looked so promising coming out of college and he just has the unfortunate luck of playing for the Clips (playing for the Warriors is no more or less cursed). His game against the Kings yesterday? 18 points (7-7 FG) and 13 boards.

GSoMer, ejdacanay, was clear excited about tonights game:

Let’s go Matt Cain!

For once, there is a lot to be excited about in Bay Area sports. Let the games begin!

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